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Everything You Need To Know About Email Marketing in Hospitality Industry

Email is one of the effective marketing strategies that helps you to reach the target audience & nurture their relationship. This is one of the best inbound marketing strategies which focus more on data & email segmentation. And with the adapting to a new normal during the ongoing pandemic situation, the hospitality industry should serve as well as stay ahead of their competitors.  Any marketing without a proper strategy in place won’t work out. Good planning & great strategy is a must for any email marketing.  Create the best marketing campaign to deliver the best result for your business.

Email Marketing Gives High Profit | DataStaple

Here are few tips for building right email marketing campaign for hospitality industry:

Start Building Your Email List:

Start Building Your Email List | DataStaples

Compile a list by strategizing an email campaign & build an email list targeting the hospital industry.  This may include a visitor’s email address, which can be collected through various target audiences. All your email subscribers must offer active contacts genuinely interested in your products. Building a strong hospitality industry email list guarantees higher email open rates, conversion rates & higher click-through rates.

As a part of building an email list, evaluate your current list & find out the subscribers who are engaged with your content.  For the readers who are not opening your emails try to send a re-engagement campaign for the exciting offers.  This exercise will help in focusing on the people who will actually deliver results & gives a crystal clear path for email marketing. Though it may be difficult to cut down your own contact it will generate an active list for better results.

Grow Your List:

Once the first level of the active list is built, it is a smart choice to use simple & easy to use subscribe form on your hotel or restaurant website.  Ask for basic & important details which will make the subscription process a simple & easy one.

Craft Catchy Subject Lines:

Email Based On Subject Lines | DataStaples

Based on the statistics by HubSpot, 35 % of the email recipients decide to open an email based on the subject lines.  Always make sure your subject line is catchy & effective. Also adding the recipient’s name in the subject line can boost open rates by 50%. Whenever possible delight your customers with existing deals & personalized offers.  Personalized offer always connects users to the brand & keeps them engaged.

Give A Warm Welcome To Your New Subscribers:

A welcome email is a great way to begin any relationship with the customer. I welcome mail is used right, it can be both a relationship-building & profit building tool. Email marketing is all about your customer. It is used to build upon existing relationship & take necessary action. Golden rule of email marketing is subscribers will not only read your mails, but also love to hear from you.

Why Email Marketing Is Important In The Hospitality Industry?

  • Building Relationship
  • Improving brand awareness
  • Promoting content
  • Generating leads
  • Market your products
  • Nurturing leads

Email Personalization:

Email Personalization | DataStaples

Understanding your subscribers & segmenting them allows you to deliver more relevant campaigns.  26% of email open rate is increased by personalization. Every time you deliver personalized or relevant content, the customer will engage with your business effectively. Produce your targeted emails using personal information to send targeted email campaigns to specific prospects by leveraging the data & information you have about them. The basic email personalization tactic is having a strong subject line that includes details such as gender, location & other things. This is one of the proven ways to improve your open & click-through rate for measurable impacts. Customers prefer personalized emails rather than generic offers & deals.

Optimize Your Emails For Mobile Phones:

Optimize Your Email For Mobile Phones | DataStaples

With the advent of smartphones & tablets, most people started using mobile for their day-to-day activities.  Optimizing emails for mobile phones is highly recommended for travelers.

How to optimize emails for mobile phones:

  • Design high responsive templates
  • Include receiver’s name in your email
  • Send personalized emails on their interest of your customers.
  • Make them special by asking for their feedback & services

Schedule Your Emails:

Timing is one of the effective factors for designing a successful email marketing campaign. Experiment & find the best schedule that works well for your customers.  Frequent & scarcely email is bad for any email marketing campaign.  Design how often you plan to contact your list audience & build trust.

Choose an Email Campaign Type:

With the numerous options available for any email campaign, decide what suits best for your audience. You must set up a different lists for different types of emails so that customers & prospects can sign up only for the emails highly relevant to them.

Track Your Campaign & Measure Success:

Track Your Campaign and Measure Success | DataStaples

Once your campaign is set, it must meet the end result of your business goal.  Evaluation is the key phase where improvement goals must be made for the next campaign. These are few metrics that play a key role in tracking every email campaign. Email open rate & click-through rate plays a key role in setting your benchmark to track your performance & goals right.

Build Trust With Customer Rating:

We are in an era where everything is online & plays a great role to rely more on client testimonials or ratings.  Reviews & ratings play a huge role in building a better network for any venture. Well-written reviews on the third party website may improve your visibility.

Share Colourful Images With Your Subscribers:

On an average, people remember 80% of what they see & 20% of what they read. If you’re a pioneer in the travel industry you must feel free to share the images of your hotel, landscape, amenities & make them more memorable. Celebrate your success with subscribers; about 73% of the hotel guest appreciates all sorts of loyalty programs & make you feel more special.

Wrapping Up:

For building repeat business & earning new customers, email marketing is essential for any business. Best ROI is generated for targeting subscribers with offers & information which is relevant to them. And remember subscribers want to hear from you & they want to relate to you. With these hints & knowledge, we hope you can create an interactive marketing campaign to deliver the best result for your business. It is important to ensure that designing exceptional emails for your prospective clients would turn to improve their trust & loyal towards the brand.