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Global B2B Custom Data

Custom-built & segmented data as per the industry profile & geography of your choice; to ensure you reach the most perfect business audience that can have a direct impact on your marketing results.

DataStaples’ Custom List Building Service

Leverage Our Data Partnerships

We've created data partnerships with almost every data provider. This allows us to get great pricing and build lists using multiple data partners to build the most complete lists possible.

More data points

We deliver more than just email addresses. The output consist of complete firmographics & demographic profiles of your Ideal customers.

Highly accurate

Our experts will crawl the leads for you and find the most qualified leads as per customers need. Thus, we can generate accurate market datawith more than 95% accuracy and helps you to find profitable opportunity and market development analysis.

Clean and Enhanced Data

Not only do we validate all of our contact information, but we also can clean and enhance all of your existing account and contact data so you have the most accurate and complete data possible.

How DataStaples’ Custom Data Service Can Benefit You?

Here’s how our custom data can make your life easier, and deliver marketing results you can measure – more opt-ins, better conversions– an overflowing sales funnel.

Quality prospects:

Instead of running around compiling large lists, you can focus on select leads that have a higher propensity to get converted.

Simple, easy, affordable

Our services are affordable and ensure higher ROI, which means that you can grow your business without having to go overboard on your budgets.

Minimum effort, maximum gain:

Our custom list building services require virtually no effort from your side, and give you rewarding opportunities in return

Customized Projects:

B2B campaign data for all custom client project requirements based on personas, industries, titles, and many other fields.

How to Get Started

Custom Data – A single source of accurate B2B data for marketing and sales results!

  • 1. Customized global prospecting data platform in action with a combination of technology and human intelligence to build a qualified and sales ready data.
  • 2. While a pre-packaged list might come at a cost effective package and help you reach a mass audience, a custom package will narrow your scope and enable focused communications with a core set of audience.
  • 3. Built for business development teams and sales & marketing teams, Custom Data provide you with the right information at the right time, thereby ensuring that the conversion rate is increased.
  • 4. Custom-built &Double Opt-In accurate data list with verified phone numbers & email addresses of prospects that are located across various geographical regions keeping GDPR & CAN-SPAM compliance in mind.