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Looking for vast healthcare database with utmost security and accuracy?

No worries! Now you can access licensed and permission-based healthcare data seamlessly at Datastaples without any obstacles.

Our Data Licensing Process

License Basis

The License basis constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. Based on the order confirmation, we will allot you the license to marketing data from a vast repository of our healthcare contact database.

Issuing Authority

Being the licensee of our healthcare marketing data, now you can avail authority to unlimited data usability without any further agreements.

Licensing Rights

Based on your requirements, we will issue the licensing rights to use or resell the contact database without any usability limits.

Feedback and Quality Checks

Once you done with all the formalities of Licensing, obtain healthcare buyer contact lists that are double-checked, verified, and updated within every 60 days.

What we Cover in our Data Licensing Process

At Datastaples, we cover all the attributes which are required for flexible Data Licensing Service.

  • At every stage of healthcare data licensing, we follow stringent process to ensure compliance with the GDPR, CAN-SPAM laws, and other related regulations.
  • We facilitate healthcare marketers with customized database that covers NPI code, geographical locations, hospital details, specialization and more.
  • Our healthcare database compilation process covers authentic data collected from trusted sources such as AMA, ADA and AOA to provide a comprehensive list of marketing information.
  • We use multi-party levels to generate an extensive database that promotes your company’s products and services with scalable, customizable and trusted data.

How Datastaples’ Data Licensing Services can Benefit You?

Check out how our data licensing service benefits healthcare marketers in different possible ways.

  • 1. Customized contact-records enable targeted healthcare marketing within your market segments.
  • 2. Flexible database management options and Simple process to renew or upgrade the license.
  • 3. Regular feedback and data quality checks by our team to ensure accuracy of the healthcare database.
  • 4. Cost-effective data licensing services that allows you to work closely with customers and clients within healthcare industry.