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7 Awesome Content-Driven Lead Generation Ideas You Never Knew

The lead generation process starts by finding out where your target market ‘lives’ on the web- Wayne Davis

Lead generation is one of the crucial aspects of any business which helps brands to stay ahead of their competitors. Have you ever wondered why this process is tough be it in person or online? If it is possible adds value to your prospects with the well-researched your lead generation goals. You can expand your customer base with a reliable source of new leads for promoting your products & services.

We know the marketing & sales team is bound to spend time & resources on lead generation. To keep your business out of danger you need to develop the well-defined strategy. This blog walks you through the best lead generation strategies to achieve your business goals.

What is Lead Generation?

What Is Lead Generation | DataStaples

Lead generation process is all about exploring & identifying ideal customers to nurture their interest based on your business products & services. And most importantly, if a prospect shows interest, we call them well qualified leads.

Different types of lead generation:

  • Hot Lead
  • Cold Lead
  • Warm Lead
  • Information Qualified Lead
  • Sales ready lead
  • Marketing Qualified Lead
  • Sales qualified Leads

Benefits of Lead Generation:

Benefits Of Lead Generation | DataStaples

Ultimate benefits of lead generation for any business are to have more sales.

  • Creates great awareness of your brand
  • Improves sales
  • Improves profit
  • Provides positive returns on investment (ROI)
  • Establishes proper communication with your target market
  • Helps to you collect crucial information about prospects
  • It costs less than other advertising methods
  • Expand your market reach
  • Gather your customer reviews
  • Grow your followers across the social media channel
  • Boost your revenue
  • Generate more business opportunities

There are plenty of lead generation activities. They are broken down into main five categories as below.

  • Email Marketing
  • Website Leads
  • Social Listening or Social media lead marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization


The process of communicating with your email list & generating new leads is referred as Email Marketing.

The process of generating leads as and when you attract visitors & land on your website is referred as website leads.

The process of listening to business requirement through Social Network is called social listening.

Creating and promoting content to encourage leads that are interested in your products & services is called Content Marketing.

The process of optimizing your website with keywords through search engine techniques and generating organic leads is called as leads.

High quality blog content:

High Quality Blog Content | DataStaples

“Content builds relationships.  Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue”- Andrew Davis

Content marketing is important as it answers all audience questions & helps to build trust and improve conversion.  We all must agree, customers expect high quality & consistent content from their favourite brand. A report from the State of Inbound report shows content creation is a top priority for 80% of the marketers. More than any other technique, consistent, high quality and engaging content impacts audiences’ decision.

Consistency is one of the important brand messaging techniques that determines the growth & the success of your business. Brand knows how to portray their brand and connects every customer touchpoint. Your content needs to carry a unique style & identifiable voice for all distribution channels. Because of this content tends to create credibility & builds trust which helps to improve your reputation.

Benefits of Content Marketing:

  • Audience Retention
  • Increased conversion
  • Higher SERP ranking
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Generates loyal brand advocates

Publish Educational or Instructional Videos:

Publish Educational and Instructional Videos | DataStaples

Replace your lectures with self-made videos which can boost customer engagement. Key takeaway of this video will be the target audience for promoting your products & services. With the strong brainstorming session you must be ready to create a video which can resolve the clarification of your customers. Educational video must clear

  • All your target audiences & their pain points
  • Provides clear learning objectives
  • Provide live action video
  • Set the short target length of your video
  • Provide a clear idea of product stories
  • Share attractive images
  • Make your prioritize imagery and narration over on clear text
  • Will increase conversion rate by 80%

Podcast & Audio books:

Podcast and Audio Books | DataStaples

Podcasts can help you in creating a meaningful relationship with your audience. People can listen to it during regular chores and it can act as a medium to engage with your customers at a deeper level. Podcast or audiobooks usually like to follow your brand on social media. It gives a broader scope for any business to reach a wide range of audience. You can create a good content with limited resources & upload across all social media channels for high engagement.

Tips for podcast & audiobooks for your brand:

  • Publish your audiobooks over a regular interval of time
  • Keep the instruction short and sweet
  • Explain the content in understandable format
  • Keep the size of your audio book smaller

Start online courses:

Any online course is often a combination of various content types. There are different types of content which includes written content, video lecturers, activities and templates for targeted users. It must also offer supplementary materials completely relevant to the podcast episodes, blog post, audio books and videos.

Start Online Courses | DataStaples

Wondering how to come up with the right online course:

  • Identify your target audience & finalize the subject
  • Take a help of experts to craft online and promote its contents
  • Share it across social media platforms
  • Build a strategy that works well for your experience
  • Respond to negative reviews

Identify the messaging your market you must respond:

Use the exact keywords & phrases to connect with the market.  By identifying the market get more leads.  Make use of frequently mentioned words, phrases & techniques which will connect the target audience to promote your products & services. With a strong subject line & landing page content you will able to generate more qualified leads.

Use social listening across all social media channels:

Use Social Listening Across All Social Media Channels | DataStaples

Once you have identified your key terms & phrases represents your target customers with the help of social listening. Social listening is a powerful mechanism used for lead generation. Business of any kind of can adapt this mechanism for generating quality leads. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram can afford more business opportunities to build strong relationships. This platform connects most influential people & creates partnership program to generate more leads.

Leverage targeted niche online:

Every niche has actively managed online community that can be used for building relationship. Niche communities can be incredible in providing insights. With the targeted prospects you can promote products & services effectively for all their multi-channel campaigns. With the valuable content you can attract niche based prospects well suited for your business.

Use cold emails in a creative ways:

Cold emails work well if it is used right. Cold emails, mostly targeted at reaching buyers you know or already your customer.  Make sure your cold emails must be not about promoting or selling. It must aim to target high quality buyers so emails must be unique.  Show your prospects that you’re genuinely interested in growing your business with them.

Build brand awareness with quality content:

Build Brand Awareness With Quality Content | DataStaples

We all know anything can build brand awareness, but content marketing always does it in a unique way. Content strategy ranks your blog article when a customer searches about your product. If your content is great, then customers or prospects can associate with the brand.

Post regular blog post:

Create, pick & post blog content to generate more quality leads. Topic & title of blog post will create an audience to click & read the blog post. With social media managers around the corner you can generate more leads. With CTA’s linked to blog post users it can be shared across all available social media platforms which can attract niche users across the globe interested in your products.

Schedule your post regularly:

Depending on the type of niche & quality leads you want, you need to update the content strategy regularly. With customer insights analyze & find which content goes well among your customer and the communication channel. Then plan & frame your strategy for content optimization.

Score your leads:

Lead scoring saves your time effectively. Boost conversation rate based on the people who visit website. With the lead scoring & prioritize the high quality content which drives high sales to close better deals. Identify & score high value to channel or content that generate quality leads.

Wrapping Up:

Always be creative with your ideas to generate high-quality leads.  The motive of all the above strategies is to target an audience across the globe interested in your products. As a result of these efforts, you can get high-quality leads to improved sales & build brand loyalty.