Why settle for just data when we can provide you with Data Quality!

If you are seeking for healthcare mailing database of high quality, then the Datastaples will be the ideal solution for acquiring qualified healthcare data.

What do we do for generating Qualified Data?

Multi-level market research

Once you brief line your requirements for Healthcare mailing database, we will do multi-level market research to gather healthcare practitioners’ data from permission-based and licensed data sources.

Data consistency check

Depending the volume of data that is collected, we perform data consistency check to ensure that there are valid entries in all healthcare contact data segments, especially if you rely on email or direct mail for lead nurturing and/or customer retention.

Data Cleansing

Data cleaning is one of the key steps, and your data quality checks aren't complete until this has been done. We standardize, correct, and verify your data to ensure you’re always working with the most accurate and up-to-date insights to boost campaign performance.

Test & Verification

With the audit complete, it’s time to test and verify the newly compiled database to make it free from errors and duplicity.

What We Cover In Our Data Quality Process

As a trusted data partner, we at Datastaples always strive to maintain accurate and quality healthcare contact data records to ensure our clients’ success. We cover:

  • Up-to-date and accurate contact details of doctors, physicians, nurses and more.
  • Data Collected from trusted sources like AMA, ADA, AHA and other licensed medical directories.
  • We offer highly-qualified healthcare buyer data without any syntax errors, or fragmented records.
  • We hold healthcare mailing database with utmost quality and often updated to maintain credibility.

How Datastaples’ Data Quality Services can Benefit You?

Our data cleansing services ensure:

  • 1. Your data is accurate and relevant to start permission-based healthcare marketing.
  • 2. Reduction in costs recurring towards maintenance of qualified data Better ROI on data investments.
  • 3. Increase in healthcare campaigning responses with highly qualified database.
  • 4. Reduce complexities in finding right medical professionals who are likely to purchase your medical products and supplements.