Streamline your targeting across every channel with Lookalike Audience Solutions!

With the goal of targeting the right audience and giving you high-quality leads, Datastaples has come up with Lookalike Audience service that offers B2B healthcare marketing solutions.

How do we create this Lookalike Audience?

Customers Data

Once you opted for Lookalike Audience Solutions, we will match your healthcare customers’ data with the people on social media to know whether they are your existing customers or prospects.

Visitor Intelligence

Based on the website traffic, we will profile your web visitors and deliver real-time personalization to enhance website engagement and turn unknown visitors into prospective leads.

Web Analytics

Using predictive analytics, we will identify the ideal prospects and compared them with our large healthcare database to get the count on customers across all channels both in online and offline.

Formation of Consolidated List

Combining all these factors, we will generate a highly-accurate buyer persona healthcare mailing list that is algorithmically similar to your potential customers, or ‘lookalikes’.

What we cover in our Lookalike Audience Service

At Datastaples,with Lookalike Audience Service you can derive.

  • Top reporting and insights on healthcare customers’ data in accordance with social media optimization.
  • Predictive modeling and creative strategies to generate exceptionally high quality leads.
  • Incredible flexibility in targeting customers at almost all stages of the digital sales funnel.
  • Engagement based lead nurturing with the best possible business outcomes.

How Datastaples’ Lookalike Audience can benefit you?

Check out the benefits of our Lookalike Audience Service which can in turn your anonymous prospects into valued customers.

  • 1. Targeting lookalike audiences creates the opportunity to greatly increase the size of your ideal customers and buyer.
  • 2. Maximize your ROI because of specific targeting based on the customer traits and patterns.
  • 3. Boost healthcare marketing campaign success quickly with minimum hassles.
  • 4. Customizable segments with required contact data details of healthcare professionals that are needed for better prospecting.