Data Appending

At Datastaples,our healthcare data appending service is what sets us apart—it supports healthcare marketers to identify new opportunities in cross-selling their healthcare related products.

Our Data Appending Procedure

Data Segmentation

Initially, we will segregate your healthcare customers’ data into various sections based on the business insights you provided.

Elimination of Obsolete Data

Later, we will check the segmented data for missing data fields and obsolete (or) duplicate data. Having duplicate entries can escalate the cost of data appending service substantially without any benefits.Hence we remove all such bad entries and obsolete data from the existing database.

Addition of Missing data

As soon as we remove the duplicate data, we will add missing, relevant and required information to the database as per your requirements.This step increases credibility of healthcare mailing database as it includes all the data fields require for better prospecting.

Final Verification

Once we are done with addition of missing data, finally the data is subjected to several verification and validation processes to ensure quality.

What We Cover In Our Data Appending Process

Based on multi-channel marketing strategies, we are focusing to aid marketers by filling the gaps in their database with our niche data appending services.

Consumer and Business Email Appending Service :

Now you can gain lost data of your premium customers with our email appending service. Give us your healthcare email list and our data appending experts match it against a comprehensive, and constantly updated healthcare database of 250+ million records. Eventually, you can get customized and verified Healthcare email list with quality email addresses appended to it.

Consumer and Business Phone Appending Service :

We, at Datastaples offers consumer and business phone appending services which enhance your existing database by replacing the wrong phone numbers with updated ones. More importantly, we can match these numbers against the national Do Not Call registry for compliance.

Social Media Appending Service :

Datastaples’ social media appending service will add relevant social media account information tied to an email address. Opt our social media appending services to develop meaningful customer relationships and improve lead generation by learning about a person’s affiliations, chat handles and other details for 20 social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Consumer Demographic Appending Service :

Navigate customer traits that you can leverage for targeted marketing. Collaborate with our consumer demographic appending service to know your customers better by adding all kinds of data elements including household income, age, gender, marital status, home owner/renter, and length of residence.

Geographic Appending Service :

No more complexities in connecting with your targeted audiences across various geographies. Our geographic appending service will unleash the capabilities of international addresses in your database by appending them with accurate rooftop latitude and longitude coordinates and other location data.

Firmographic Appending Service :

Our business firmographic appending service will add contact name and title, hospital affiliation, specialty, NPI Code, and other primary details to your file for the sales intelligence you need to succeed.

How to Get Started

Let’s pave the path for new ways of marketing by getting started with our Data Appending Services!

  • 1. Select from one of appending services which you need the most.
  • 2. Upload your healthcare mailing list to Datastaples. Don’t worry, your data is 100% secure and we never share or sell this information.
  • 3. Datastaples will match your customer records to the data elements in your package and notify you as soon as your file is complete.
  • 4. Log back in to complete your registration, purchase, and download your appended file.