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10 Tips For B2B Marketers To Launch Effective Direct Marketing Campaign

Ultimate aim of any business is to get its message out to potential customers. Engaging directly with your customers can lead to higher engagement rates along with improved ROI. This is one of the common strategies to grow your lead database & build brand awareness. In the era of internet where everything comes to you when you hit a button, direct marketing is something still many businesses adopt to instantly collaborate with customers you want.

“Don’t find customers for your product. Find products for your customers”- Seth Godin

Direct marketing also synonymous with junk mail & mass phone call right, but actually it is not. It can occur online or offline. A perfect combination of email & phone call helps B2B marketers in optimizing good response rate to achieve high return on investment.The point here is sound & clear. A strong response rate enables business to generate high quality leads & converts sales more efficiently.

Marketing & advertising can be expensive, but with proper planning a successful marketing campaign can generate different revenue streams for your business. And when it comes to direct marketing you can reap the best benefit out of it.

What Is Direct Marketing?

What Is Direct Marketing | DataStaples

From a layman’s point of view direct mail is all about sending business information via physical address. It can be mail or flyersor electronic mail. It can be of forms with special offers, free sample, announcing a sale, year-end clearance fest and more.One of the greatest advantages of direct mailing service is it can be personalized, tested & measured.

Mailing list is one of the crucial aspects of any direct mail campaign. Without reliable &an accurate mailing list direct mailing campaign can’t generate one hundred percent success ROI. An effective direct mailing list can be compiled by understanding your existing customers.  List can be segmented based on their demographics, geographic & behavioural details.

Direct Marketing Channels:

Direct marketing wears multiple hats when connecting users on the internet, retail location & more. There is different promotional strategy for campaign.

  • Text Message marketing
  • Chatbot Marketing
  • Tele Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Targeted Social Media Ads

Above mentioned are different options for your B2B direct marketing campaign. You’re not limited to any single channel for promoting your products or services. Always go for an Omni channel marketing approach blended with advanced marketing techniques always offers fruitful result.

Here are benefits of direct marketing:

  • Reach out to existing customer for improving brand loyalty
  • Optimizing your marketing budget
  • Building strong relationship with customers
  • To get feedback on testing or in development products
  • Improved response rate
  • Improved sales & revenue
  • Targeted Advertising
  • Budget Marketing
  • Improves customer Loyalty
  • Allows proper measure of product performance
  • Improves customer Retention

Here are few tips to bring new customers to your business via direct marketing:

Get A Mailing List:

Get A Mailing List | DataStaples

Most important success factor for any direct marketing campaign is mailing list. With accurate &a reliable mailing list, it is easier to attract new customers & collaborate with existing customers.  Building a strong profile for your targeted people before preceding any type of marketing campaign is the best way to kick off your marketing activities. Better the target persona or profile, better the communication response.  Mailing list segmented based on demographic, geographic or Firmographic content can group ideal audience particular solution you are promoting.

Know Your Audience Delivery Preference:

Know Your Audience Delivery Preference | DataStaples

When it comes to rolling out direct marketing campaign,a lot of options are available, but focusing on one or two preferred channel helps you to get good response. In general prospect respond well to any company news, special events, deals, discounts & more. A well-executed subject line for any campaign can improve the response rate.

Personalize Your Mailer:

Personalize Your Mailer | DataStaples

Addressing the recipient by name can build professional touch to the conversion.  With personalized mailer, it enablesthe recipients to understand the customers want accurately. Personalization enables prospects to believe only relevant & important promotion are sent based on their feedback & interest.

Understand user pattern wisely:

As you collect customer information from start to finish, you can witness new data pattern inbuyer persona. Analyzing & studying customer behaviour pattern, will allow you understand success & failure of direct campaign. By understanding insights & customer behaviour you can determine the customer activities lined up & keep them engaged with your promotional or marketing messages. A report by McKinsey shows companies that collect & use behavioural data pattern outpace peers by 25% gross margin. Interesting isn’t?

Provide Real value to prospect:

Whenever you get a response to your B2B campaign, add value to your direct marketing campaign by offering right discounts, gifts, coupons, new deals & more.  More importantly, make sure all your offers are time limited so that your buyer can act immediately & business grows. This method is one of the finest methodsfor maximizing the campaign response & measure the outcome of the promotions. Make sure your promotional content is short & simple.  Depending upon the recipient short summary about the products or services you offer will work best.

Integrate Multiple Channels:

Integrate Multiple Channels | DataStaples

It’s always a smart idea to link your direct marketing strategy with other marketing approaches. Based on the reports, firms that use direct mail along with one or more digital marketing strategies experience better response rate. Plan your B2B campaign effectively & release the offers at the same time for good response rate. This technique ensures you offer multiple ways for your customer to respond. Here retargeting audience based on their interest also becomes easy & delivers high response rate.

Measure Campaign Performance:

Measure Campaign Performance | DataStaples

Marketing strategy varies from time to time & what worked well in the past may not work now. So effective testing or measuring of your campaign performance can determine what goes well with the business goals.  Direct marketing campaigns can be measured by open click though rate, bounce rate. Based on the result, track, measure & improve your campaign performance to modify the approach.

Create a strong message:

A powerful marketing or promotional message can be delivered if the right people are targeted at the right time through their preferred mode of communication.A Powerful message is delivered based on deep understanding of clients, business goals & their vision. A message should be professional, easy to read & simple design.Response is assured if concentrated message targeted to specific group of people.

Follow Up Always:

Follow Up Always | DataStaples

Never give up- Mantra for successful B2B direct marketing strategy. To improve sales & business B2B marketers must follow up with prospects over a regular interval of time to make sure professional relationship is established though mail or letters. If you’re put up in a tough situation to follow up or not you’ve all right to ask the client directly instead of bombarding them with mail or phone calls continuously.

Mobile Marketing:

Internet has changed the way business used to market their products or services. Report by Google shows mobile search surpass desktop in recent years. And especially during the touch times like panademic, percentage of searches lead to action through mobile is high. Hence design your marketing or promotional messages highly optimized for mobile as well. There will no mediator in this type of campaign as you directly connect with customers via phone or email.

Wrapping up:

Direct marketing offers lots of opportunities to generate leads, drive profits through improved sales. This medium helps you to optimize your response regardless of the any medium used.  With the expertise in providing direct marketing solution, DataStaples can be your powerful partner in supporting all your B2B campaigns.