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10 Best Email Marketing Tools To Transform Your Business[Infographics]


Email marketing is one of the excellent marketing channels for community building & engage with your customers efficiently. Email marketing helps marketers to build infrastructure which in turn generates more leads & improve sales. It helps you to get your marketing message out to the right set of people & gives you to stay connected irrespective of your industry.

With efficient marketing tools, marketers can send great-looking emails from scratch, which saves time & effort.

10 Best Email Marketing Tools To Transform Your Business | DataStaples

Benefits of using Email Marketing Tools:

  • Improves Website Traffic
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Personalized Emails
  • Easy Customer Segmentation
  • Improves Sales Engagement
  • Turns prospects into leads
  • Grows your brand reach
  • B2B Campaign personalization

List of Email Marketing Tools To Transform Your Business


HubSpot is one of the well-known marketing automation platforms that offer reliable features for growing businesses.

It helps you to achieve incredible marketing results by scaling business opportunities with robust automation workflows best for your business.

This tool comes with a handy drag & drop visual editor that helps marketers to create, manage & track email performance.


Sendinblue is SAS based solution for relationship marketing which is a smart platform for growing your business.

It is an excellent email marketing solution for businesses to send & automate email marketing campaigns.

It offers a free plan to test the tool with no investment which is an incredibly good deal to check what works best for you.


omniscient is an e-Commerce marketing platform that can integrate all your communication platforms in one place.

Effective communication can automate your email delivery with behavioral triggers based on customers convenience.

Use OmniSend to get comprehensive audience insights & send our more relevant email marketing messages.


LeadSquared is the complete marketing automation solution along with CRM software for business.

It helps you to manage the sales pipeline effectively & improve closure rates with reduced lead leakage.

It enables you to do fully automated marketing activities and sales analytics that help small & medium enterprises to stay top of their business.


Marketo is the complete automation software that enables organizations to streamline their marketing workflows & improve operational efficiency along with revenue.

It offers content personalization, cross-channel engagement & sales partnership for effective impact analysis.


Mailchimp is the leader in email marketing tools with basic features such as email creation and scheduling.

It can optimize marketing efforts with valuable audience insights and helps B2B marketers to automate emails at crucial steps of the buyer’s journey.


GetNotify is one of the free tools with a free email tracking service that notifies when the mail you send gets read.

It can track the email open rate, email read duration, recipient details & more.


Moosend is a holistic reporting & analysis tool which offers a visual overview of email campaign data.

This tool helps you track daily, hourly open rates along with geographical locations.

It is an excellent tool to automate repetitive tasks provides a detailed campaign information report.


MailerLite comes with drag & drop editors which allows anyone to build professional & beautiful newsletters on their own.

It includes rich text editors, custom HTML editors, newsletter templates, built-in photo editing tools.

It includes visual analytics to visualize & understand the impact of email designed.


EmailOctopus is a simple yet powerful marketing platform that provides businesses, creators, and marketers with all essential features to grow your list, and get impactful campaign results.

It comes with the right set of email marketing templates that can be used to create high responsive email campaigns for time-based onboarding.

Wrapping up:

Email Marketing is one of the most cost-effective & rich marketing methods which helps all types of businesses to reach new customers & grow revenue exponentially with a remarkable experience. Try out these tools depending on your business needs & select the most ideal one for you.