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How To Build Your Sales Leads List


The success of any sales is highly dependent on the quality of prospects generated by the marketing team. Sales lead database is one of the modern weapons for every business as it stores all collected information about your existing & potential customers.  Any marketing activities that you’re implementing in your small business are highly relying on the quality of leads generated for your business. This is the main reason why small & mid-business owners are looking for ways to expand their businesses.  As we all know business growth can be gradual & long-term process, sales lead lay a strong foundation.

What is Sales Lead?

What Is Sales Leads | DataStaples

Lead generation plays a key role in the success & growth of any business. From the layman’s point of view, a lead can be a person or business that is interested in your product or services if you’re a company owning it. Eventually sales lead can become your client. Modern business gain access to sales leads through advertising, trade shows, direct mailing, third-party sources & other marketing efforts.

All-day we can discuss MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads) or SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) but the ultimate goal must be converting them into a potential client by getting them into the sales funnel. Here you don’t have any information beyond your name or email address. But things work out if you are lucky enough to get location, age, gender, website, and job information. So to sum it up all -A lead is a person or business that has basic information which shows a potential interest in buying from products or services you own.

MQL – Marketing Qualified Lead:

When a lead indicates some interest in your products or services based on marketing efforts or lead intelligence then it can be referred to as MQL.

Marketing Qualified Lead | DataStaples

SQL – Sales Qualified Lead:

When a prospective customer engaged over a period of time and been analyzed by both sales & marketing team and more importantly they are deemed to next stage in the sales process it becomes SQL

Sales Qualified Leads | DataStaples

Benefits of having a Sales Lead List:

  • Customer segmentation on personalized communication channel
  • Improved revenue
  • Targeting website visitors
  • Improving brand identity
  • Opt-in Verified contact details
  • Crystal clear insights about customers
  • Improved lead management skills
  • Increased productivity
  • Better alignment with business goals
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Excellent customer experience
  • Establishing a better relationship with a customer

Building a successful quality sales lead list is a dream of every marketer. Hence here are few tips for following best practices in building your sales leads list

Know your target customer:

Know Your Target Customer | DataStaples

Identifying & knowing your target customer is the first step in building your lead list. Researching about your audience will ensure you connect with genuine leads interested in your products. This will give you clarity on customers & their buying patterns.  It acts as a crucial step in eliminating unwanted leads that are not aligned with your marketing or business goals, thus it paves the way to build a sales list highly recommended for your business exclusively.

Get scalable lead source:

Once you know your target customers. You must build a lead list where two important decisions to be made. Building your own list or sourcing it from a third party. If you choose the latter, you can look for companies that provide a sales lead list that can be customized as per your business requirement to get beneficial services.  Data staple is one of such providers of scalable lead sources highly recommended for small, mid & large scale businesses.

Invest in quality lead source:

Never ever comprise on the quality of leads. Quality plays a crucial role in delivering better ROI when it comes to custom build lead sources.  A quality lead source gives authentic & verified information about prospects which is used by B2B marketers to make their pitch effectively & close deal much easier.

Regular validation of Contact & Account details:

It is well-known fact that every year B2B list will decay over a certain percentage. This may lead to an increase in redundant information & this is whereas an organization, you should never comprise on the validation process. Establishing the regular process of validation or verification makes sure you stay ahead of your competitor are rolling out a B2B marketing campaign to target customers.

Knowing about ICP & Buyer Persona:

Lead generation paves the way to identify your potential customer. Having a well-constructed Ideal customer profile or buyer persona is critical of any business & marketing team. ICP is well known about ideal customer profile which holds the complete description of the company, location, size & helps your marketing team to generate quality leads.

On the other hand Buyer Persona (BP) will guide you to establish a firm communication channel with those leads at each & every stage of the sales funnel. An ideal persona provides various information about customers which is highly useful for rolling out a B2B marketing campaign.

Here are the benefits of Creating a Buyer Persona:

  • Get a better & proper understanding of your ideal customers
  • Easy for targeted marketing
  • Communication & collaboration through their preferred mode of channels
  • Improved marketing Efficiency
  • Establish better partnership with the sales team
  • Get to know the negative persona

Define your Target audience:

Based on the buyer’s persona you can define a set of characteristics of your audience which can be converted into targeted keywords in doing a lead research program that will be aligned with your sales goals.

Collect data through LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

If you have a clear idea of whom to target & from where-then make use of the most popular effective tool of the 21st century – LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

This is a global platform that enables effective prospecting of leads. With the advanced filter options, B2B researchers can create a list of primary search keywords along with filter options that can generate best fit leads highly recommended for any business.

Eliminate Negative Persona:

A negative persona is just the opposite of a buyer persona.  It is essential in the fast-moving marketing world because it clearly defines the group of prospects that don’t want to target. This is highly recommended as it improves efficiency & overall productivity of sales team.

Analyze your Data:

Optimization of future leads list is highly recommended as you generate an enormous amount of leads over the period of time. With the use of customer, relationship platform analyzes & organize a huge set of complex data which can effectively use to build in-house sales lead list.

Analyze Your Data | DataStaples

Enrich Existing Data:

It is always good to inspect & validate the data you’ve collated through various marketing channels. Use all sets of permutation combinations to DE duplicate existing data & append newly generated information in order to have a well-organized lead database. There are many factors that may come in when it comes to enriching data. Sales decision is one among them. As we all know sales decision keep on varying, hence is highly recommended to group the prospects if it they are not interested in your products instead of deleting it from the lead database.

How do you prepare your own Sales Lead list:

Collaborate with your sales team & try to figure out common characteristics which can be grouped to identify your customers.  Here are few common questions that can use to group a set of leads.

  • What is the size & revenue of the company?
  • What are the industries they are associated with?
  • Why they are interested in your products or services?
  • Does it align with my sales goals?

When you try to answer all these questions put together you can get the outline of the ideal buyer persona where marketers able to understand & make sales pitches accordingly.

Renting a Lead Email list:

Renting a lead email list will enable your service providers to send emails on your behalf to your targeted audience list.  As a marketer, you must closely work with these service providers to get the most productive sales leads list to roll out an email or targeted marketing campaign.  Data staple provides you well-segmented leads email lists which are highly recommended for any business owner. We’re experts in providing niche-based lead sources including healthcare, Marketing, Technology, Banking, and Education.  Explore new marketing dimension by renting a lead email list service & implement data-driven B2B initiatives.


The million-dollar question you have in mind right now is should I buy or build an email list? And the answer lies with you as well. It is completely dependent on budget & marketing priorities. Regardless of the choice what matters most to today’s marketing world is the quality of data. If you want to know or interested in exploring a new venture of building a sales lead list, then most probably you need to know about specialized areas to research, types of data to be included in building the list, how to find leads  & validate them. The data staple team is right here to help you with all your queries related to sales leads, building outbound marketing strategy & improve revenue stream.