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Top Email Marketing Trends In 2021 | DataStaples

Top Email Marketing Trends in 2021


Covid 19 pandemic has brought tremendous change in the way we do business. Email has become a big part of our lives now. Thus, Email became a crucial channel for framing a successful marketing strategy for any business. A report from the Radi-cati Group shows email users are expected to increase 4.3 billion by 2023. And data from Pew Research also shows, 61% percentage of email users are checking & sending emails on an average day. This is proven evidence that email marketing still remains king of marketing. No matter where audience resides email marketing can be used to target audience without any geographical barriers. Hence email will remain as one of the vibrant tool to connect with people.

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches—at scale.” – David Newman

What is Email Marketing?

What Is Email Marketing | DataStaples

Email Marketing is one of the important forms of digital advertising. It comprises two important components – a strong content strategy that the business plans to send it out to customers & validated email addresses of the customers. This sounds pretty yet simple right, isn’t it?

In short, email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message to a group of people using email. Email tends to be one of the most dynamic fields that have been evolving in recent times for B2B marketing & yielding high ROI.

Why Email marketing is important for any business?

Importance of Email Marketing | DataStaples

Email marketing is one of the quick & easy ways to connect with customers. Though traditional marketing creates an ample amount of opportunities in promoting products & services for your business, email marketing plays a key role in notifying customers regarding events, new products &, etc. The email has the quick ability to connect with customers & which is a huge advantage for any business.

So let us take a few hottest email marketing trends of email marketing:

AMP in Emails:

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is the most recent & advanced technology that picked up in recent years. It is a technology that allows B2B marketers to embed many interactive elements such as carousels, accordions, confirmation, purchase buttons, etc. It can be without the need to open any new tab or visiting direct websites. It is another way for B2B marketers to leverage the accelerated mobile pages.  It is one of the most creative & interactive ways of rolling out web pages on mobile.

AMP in Emails | DataStaples

As AMP for Mobile will allow dynamic content like videos, GIFs & graphics it allows users to browse & interact with marketers instantly.

Here are the benefits of using AMP in email marketing:

  • Roll out dynamic & most recent promotional content
  • Improved customer experience
  • Improved SEO ranking
  • Better engaging emails
  • Personalization of email content

Engaging Experiences with customers:

Work smarter, not harder. Yes, you read it right. Kick start your killer email marketing strategy to engage your customer & grow your business. Make sure your content is engaging & hook your customers at the edge of promotional offers.  When a customer sign-up for newsletters engage them with welcoming email that is witty & charming. Email is a simple & powerful way, to engage your audience. Email is a very personal way of connecting your target customers. A B2B marketing mail sits next to your messages from your friends & family. Thus, it works best when it is personalized& engaging.

Come out with engaging mail by sending customer-centric messages such as birthday emails, anniversary emails, millstone emails, Exclusive offer emails, Thank you emails, Engagement emails & more.

Email Personalization

Email Personalization the process of analyzing & using the personal information of subscribers to produce targeted emails. It is done mostly by leveraging the data & information about prospects that could be first name, last name, phone numbers, subscriber location, gender& more.

Email Personalization | DataStaples

In recent years, email personalization has proven a way to improve open & click-through rates to deliver measurable impact on sales & ROI across different industry verticals. Research from venture beat shows emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened than a normal marketing pitch.

Promoting relevant products or services based on customer choices is highly appreciated than random & generic offers.

Here are few basic email personalization tactics:

Having basic tactics about email personalization will help B2B marketers to improve sales & engagement metrics.

From Name:

From Name is one of the prominent elements looked at first when email arrives in your mailbox. For many desktops& mobile users, this field plays a key role in helping recipients to open it. It is proven tactics that most of the American users use “From Name” of emails to read it.

Subject Line:

The Subject line is one of the prominent elements of any mailbox. Be it any device, having a strong subject line will make it stand out from spam mail & reduces the email bounce rate.

Email Content:

Beyond email & subject line, we need to personalize the body of the B2B email campaign as it is the major portion where customers will look for relevant information. You can dynamically add entire campaign content appealing to subscribers.

Use of AI optimized Email Strategy:

With the advent of technology, automation has made our life easier than ever. AI-powered tools &techniques help marketers to streamline their marketing process.  And in return, it will help B2B marketers to increase click-through rates & produce a better results.

AI Optimized Email Strategy | DataStaples

With the advanced AI system, Marketers can learn about predictions, recommendations & decisions that are required to achieve marketing & business goals. Based on the historical data AI-powered tools can help B2B marketers understand more about the target audience & improve deliverability.

From regular follow-up emails to newsletters AI can perform everything with hyper-personalized content by understanding targeting audience.

Benefits of AI-powered Email Marketing:

  • Nurture leads to make it receptive
  • Increase Brand awareness
  • Better personalization of prospect
  • Potential Error can be reduced
  • Boost Business revenue
  • Get  your well-planned email strategy

Include Visuals & GIFs in your Email:

“Colours speak louder than words”

With the changing customer needs it is important for B2B marketers to stay on top of their strategy to connect with customers.  In recent years, animations, MEMEs, Gifs are getting popular. And yes, who says it can’t be used in email marketing. Every brand wants to promote its products or services in alignment with the day-to-day trends. Visual marketing is one among them which gets popular & attracted by clients. Here visuals should be primarily used to give a crystal clear idea about the text content.

Optimizing Emails for All Platforms

Email optimization yields the best results. Any marketing email must be optimized for all devices. We’re in the era of 2021, where smartphones & tablets rule our work lives. Email needs to be adaptable to several applications & it is must mobile-friendly in tough times like the covid pandemic.

Email Optimization | DataStaples

Hence it is important for any marketers to provide good mobile experience for their prospects. So want to create successful email marketing optimization for business? Here are a few tips for you:

  • Always create an eye-catchy subject lines
  • Evaluate your sender name
  • Develop personalized messages based on historical data
  • Write appealing & genuine content
  • Always have Clear Call To Action
  • Design for mobile & tablet applications

Staying with Trend:

Your email should not focus only on sales pitch always. With the pandemic restriction & lockdowns, everyone shifted to new normal “Working from Home”. So it is important to make your customer feel good about the current situation. And as a brand, this type of content helps customers to stay connected with the brand 24*7. As a brand you to shift the primary focus of normal sales to the essentials

required during tough times like covid. If you’re having a mobile phone outlet instead of promoting high-end mobile you can shift focus to power banks & high-quality headphones, which is highly recommended for any work-from-home set up.


If you’re one among them who have been ignoring email marketing for a long time. Then it is the right time to re-evaluate your email marketing strategy. It may sound funny, but we should accept that covid has brought tremendous change in our life & everyone is trying to adopt it. Email marketing will deliver a huge returns for marketers willing to learn & adapt to this changing phase of the sales cycle. Last but not least it is all about experimenting & identifying what works best for you & your business.