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How Email Appending Service Improves Business Growth and ROI


Email appending is one of the best and most efficient ways which adds emails to your customer lists.  Most of the firms have been leveraging email appending services to construct their in-house email database with permission-based addresses. It is one of the most extensively used email marketing strategies.

In general, you may have a large customer list, and you know their names and addresses. However, the database does not include the current email address of a customer. This is where Email Appending Services comes into the picture!

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What is Email Appending?

Adding emails to an existing database is known as email appending. Email appending is a marketing technique that involves retrieving client data (name, address) and comparing it to a vendor’s database to fill in the gaps. In simple terms, email appending refers to the process of upgrading the email addresses of existing clients who are no longer in your database.

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Email appending is a great approach to collect data and is especially useful for sales and marketing firms. It enables you to quickly promote your email marketing programs by expanding your reach while lowering your costs, as well as raising your net contribution. The usage of high-quality data is one of the most important aspects of a successful marketing strategy, as low-quality data cannot produce good results to your organization.

Significance of Email Appending

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Although Email Marketing is a traditional method of marketing, still it holds the record for generating maximum ROI. When we talk about Email Marketing, most people consider that it was dead. In reality, it remains the most effective strategy for generating B2B leads and increasing conversions. If you want to develop your market and reap the rewards of excellent communication, you’ll need genuine and accurate customer email addresses.

If your email marketing campaign isn’t producing the intended results, don’t try to improve it right away. As a result, email appending is a recommended marketing approach in which information such as name, phone number, mailing address, and other details are updated with email addresses from your existing client database. Email Appending service helps customers to contact the right prospects with an authentic email address in the database.

With the help of an Email appending service, you can add missing email addresses to your customer’s database. Your customer records probably consist of names and postal addresses that match a third-party database to generate an exact email address of the customer.

Email appending services increase sales by a significant amount while driving more traffic to the website. All businesses are required to establish and maintain a database of prospective and loyal customers for business purposes.

As AMP for Mobile will allow dynamic content like videos, GIFs & graphics it allows users to browse & interact with marketers instantly.

Here are the benefits of using AMP in email marketing:

  • Roll out dynamic & most recent promotional content
  • Improved customer experience
  • Improved SEO ranking
  • Better engaging emails
  • Personalization of email content

Engaging Experiences with customers:

Work smarter, not harder. Yes, you read it right. Kick start your killer email marketing strategy to engage your customer & grow your business. Make sure your content is engaging & hook your customers at the edge of promotional offers.  When a customer sign-up for newsletters engage them with welcoming email that is witty & charming. Email is a simple & powerful way, to engage your audience. Email is a very personal way of connecting your target customers. A B2B marketing mail sits next to your messages from your friends & family. Thus, it works best when it is personalized& engaging.

Come out with engaging mail by sending customer-centric messages such as birthday emails, anniversary emails, millstone emails, Exclusive offer emails, Thank you emails, Engagement emails & more.

Let’s See How Email Appending Service Improves Business Growth And ROI:

Most businesses can benefit from email appending by leveraging the strength of database-based marketing strategies. An email appending campaign provides real takeaways for business progress and growth in addition to having a complete client information database.

1. Email Appending Saves Money On Marketing

Email Appending Saves Money On Marketing | DataStaples

The foundation of any marketing campaign is the creation of a database with current and potential consumers’ emails. Businesses may quickly reach out to their clients and new clients by implementing email appending. Email marketing campaigns serve as a direct link between product testing and reaching out to clients to steer traffic to their company website. Businesses can network efficiently with vendors, suppliers, and mutual potential collaborators with the help of B2B email appending. All of this leads to considerably enhanced marketing efforts at minimal costs and with a short turnaround time.

2. Improved Productivity And Time Saving

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Businesses may increase the product lifecycle of their marketing initiatives by having reliable data on clients and people interested in the products offered. The majority of marketing initiatives spend far too much time and money seeking to reroute traffic to their company’s website or product store through several channels. The addition of an email address allows for immediate communication, which saves time when directing clients to the product page.

3. Enhanced ROI

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Thanks to email appending, accurate customer data leads to a highly responsive marketing strategy. When handled objectively, marketing activities like these can provide a higher MROI. Email appending, for example, ensures a higher return on investment for email marketing initiatives.

4. Improved Customer Service And Brand Development

Improved Customer Service And Brand Development | DataStaples

Today’s successful organizations recognize the need for not just increased sales but also improved customer service. These include both existing and potential clientele. Businesses may utilize the power of direct consumer connection and help develop brand loyalty by giving customer services directly in their inbox through data appending and email appending.

5. Enhanced reputation

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Email appending has the potential to create or break a company’s reputation. Before sending out any professional content or emails to clients, professional email appending firms make sure they get consumer approval. Having a rigorous no-spam policy and protecting customers’ privacy can help a company’s reputation.

How does Email appending exactly works?

  • The process begins with obtaining a client database, which includes information such as name, email, and phone numbers.
  • After receiving the customer database, it is cross-checked against the master file and the required information is updated.
  • Once the data has been validated, you can send the welcome message to the new email addresses.
  • Last but not least, you must send the newly appended file to the customer in a downloadable format.

Email Appending Best Practices

Email appending provides you the most accurate and current data by filling the gaps in the data sets.

Only Append Existing Customer Emails

You must append to a customer who has already done business with you in order to correctly use email appending. You can also try appending when a recipient has requested information, completed a survey or questionnaire, entered a contest, or requested that you contact them via an offline source, such as at a tradeshow or over the phone.

Research the Right Data Email Append Partner

Choosing the wrong email append data provider will almost surely have a negative impact on your outcomes. It’s advisable to double-check that the firms on your list are experts in opt-in email marketing and privacy policies before choosing a partner. If your partner is unfamiliar with international anti-spam legislation, stay away from them at all costs.

Research About the Data Match Process Used by Your Data Append Partner

You must understand how the data matching procedure operates. Before you send the data append provider your whole file, ask them to run a test batch on your CRM data to see how the company’s match process works. A test batch will give you an indication of what proportion of your email address list the provider will be able to accurately append.

Follow Anti-Spam Laws and Opt-in Rules 

When appending emails, opt-in requirements and anti-spam laws will apply. There won’t be many happy people if you send emails to new clients who didn’t opt in to receive them. Maintaining standard practices for opted-in emails increases your chances of developing relationships and reaching your target audience.

Final Thoughts

Adding an email or pertinent data to your actual customer records, as well as adding missing emails, is a quick and effective solution to data issues. Appending emails to emails is an effective way to generate leads and marketing money. As a result, don’t let the size of your email database determine the success of your marketing. If you haven’t considered email appending yet, I strongly advise you to do so before it’s too late.

There is no other alternative that compares to DataStaples when it comes to email appending. Our data is updated on a regular basis and confirmed by our industry-leading email hygiene filters, which ensure correctness and reduce the risk of fraud, resulting in an unrivaled truth set. We can cross-reference against a wider range of fields thanks to the robustness of our database, which typically goes back over a decade in time. At DataStaples our passion is data in truth, and we always prioritize quality over quantity.