How Data Appending Can Boost Your Business Growth | DataStaples

How Data Appending Can Boost Your Business Growth?[Infographics]

For every b2b marketer, maintaining data hygiene is an absolute necessity as incomplete or incorrect data can dampen your chances of running a successful email marketing campaign or closing a sales deal.

With Data Appending services, you can truly understand who your customers are, their interests, and cross-channel behavior to send the most targeted and effective b2b marketing campaigns.

How Data Appending Can Boost Your Business Growth | DataStaples

What is Data Appending?

Data appending is the process of adding missing or rectifying incorrect information such as e-mail IDs, phone numbers, addresses, job titles, lifestyle information, and demographic data of your target audience.

This data appending service can enhance the scope of your current customer database and thereby helps your business to grow exponentially as well as your revenue growth.

What Are Various Types Of Data Appending Services?

Update your existing database with more relevant and accurate information with the following Data Appending Services.

  • Email Appending

Process of adding and updating the email addresses to fill up the missing data in your database.

  • Phone Number Appending

Process of adding landline or mobile phone numbers to your business or consumers database.

  • Social Media Appending

Process of adding accurate social media account information tied to an email address.

  • Postal address Appending

Process of adding postal addresses to your email records to reach customers by direct mail.

  • Website URL Appending

Process of adding all the missing web addresses to your existing target business list.

  • Reverse Appending

Process of adding full names and postal addresses to your existing customers database.

Benefits of Data Appending

  • Improves customer engagement
  • Improves accuracy of the database
  • Increases the size of B2B contact database
  • Improves campaign success rate
  • Enhances your business relationship with the customer
  • Reduces data management cost

Why Data Appending Is Required?

  • Data appending services add clear information to your customer list.
  • It opens up new lines of communication for your business opportunities.
  • It keeps your marketing campaign relevant & fresh.
  • Having well-researched contact information can improve your customer service & retention.

How Data Appending Can Boost Your Business Growth?

  • Maintain automated data hygiene process
  • Maintaining robust database
  • Email personalization based on the targeted audience
  • Formulating a new approach for B2B campaigns with integrated information
  • B2B customer profiling to understand customer persona
  • Segmenting & grouping of prospects for niche-based marketing


Take full control over your lead generation activities by fixing the missing data points with accurate & up-to-date information offered by our niche Data Append Services. As one of the best data appending service providers, we at DataStaples understand the challenges you face while communicating with the prospects. With our data append service, we add only the relevant information that makes your marketing campaign a streamlined and effective process.