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How to Master B2B Sales?

Sales are not about having the right opportunities. It is about handling the opportunities right-  Mark Hunter

Sales play a crucial role in any business. The sales department is one of the critical departments as it will generate revenue for your business. Similarly, if you sell to another business, then you need to know how to master B2B sales. So this blog is all about major factors responsible for B2B sales& how to win big. Let us get started

What Is B2B Sales?

Companies that primarily sell products & services to business rather than consumers is often referred to as B2B sales. Generally, B2B sales typically have higher order values, longer sales cycle when compared to B2C sales.

What Is B2B Sales | DataStaples

With the changing trends & evolution, B2B sales drastically changed in recent years. And we must B2B sales is not only about selling it is all about maintaining a good relationship with the prospects & customers by answering all their queries at the right time. One must follow up with the customers at the right time to improve their brand visibility.

What are types of B2B sales?

There are different types of B2B sales. Each one has its unique merits when compared to others. They are

  • Product-based sales
  • Service-based sales
  • Software sales

When the representative promotes the features & functionality of the product this is often referred to as product-based sales.

As the name suggests service-based sales are all about promoting the quality of service.

Software sales are all about customers who subscribe to their service.

In this blog, we will be discussing B2B sales strategies which can be used to improve your business.

Find Your Target Audience:

Before any marketing campaign, we must be aware of the target audience. We know that every customer is different & their requirement is. So having the right outline to define your prospect may help B2B marketers in identifying the key prospects required for your B2B campaign.

Find Your Target Audience | DataStaples

Wondering how to segregate or define the right set of prospects? It is simple they can be differentiated based on the parameters, geographical area, company size, technology users & many. Most of the companies go with geographical barriers as it hugely matter for their B2B campaign.  Based on the set boundaries campaign rules & requirements will differ.

Cultivating New Relationship:

Cultivating New Relationship | DataStaples

The right customer relationship is what every sales representative craves. Having a good relationship in the past requires huge efforts in nurturing them effectively. A regular approach works for a specific group of people, and not all like messages being popped up selling their products or services. Sending frequent emails to stay top is also not a good idea & people won’t like it.

Social Media Presence:

Establish yourself as a thought leader & make sure your thoughts are all over social media.  This claims social media users active on the platform & how they need to be engaged with collective posts & polls.

Social Media Presence | DataStaples

Generally, when customers attract to your brand, they spread positive information about your brand. Nurturing your customers can help you to acquire more customers in the process.  As the people started to trust your brand, you will find yourself bombarded with the right questions &clarification.

Define Your Ideal Customer:

Defining your ideal customer is the first step in crafting a great B2B sales strategy. Having a clear picture of your ideal customer will help you to understand the clear expectation &the pain points of customers. When we tag them as ideal customers, we should connect with things such as industry, location, size, budget & more. Key data points will help you to move forward in the ideal customer journey.

Define Your Ideal Customer | DataStaples

Brainstorming or speaking with your ideal customers will help B2B marketers to make prominent & profitable customers based on their priorities & queries. You must have complementary & qualitative data about your customers to gather all information together for making useful insights.

Explore the Market:

Dig into ideal customers & cover specific potential markets, you have out there.  You may come with different kinds of questions such as where is your ideal customer. With a wide variety of data available, you can dig into the specific markets through various research tools & techniques.

Have an engagement strategy for all communication channels:

Develop a strong strategy to engage with your potential customers & have a great value proposition. In order to achieve this plan & create a list of activities corresponding to the sales funnel. Have a clear outline of how you must acquire customers & build relationships over a long time.

Generate Leads:

There are blends of techniques where you must generate B2B leads. Principal strategies you must build upon based on the below points.

Generate Leads | DataStaples
  • Work on organic SEO for generating leads
  • Use inbound & outbound marketing techniques
  • Leverage content marketing techniques to connect with B2B audience
  • Invest in marketing &a lead generation program

Make Best Use Of Data:

As a sales & marketing representative, having the right set of data is highly recommended to make the best use of data. Only experienced representatives make use of available information to improve the sales opportunities. It will be helpful in retaining new customers & managing the challenges effectively.

Cold Calling:

Cold calling is one of the best methods of generating leads.  Wondering how to make it effective?

Start the call by briefing about your company & your name. State the honest reason why are you calling. Plan sale steps effectively. Having the right tone will be a beneficial deal for both parties. The opening reason, value proposition, asking the right questions may help you win a cold call.

Make Them Feel At The Hot Seat:

Always offer a good range of products to your customers. If you are in business for quite a long time, you might know what the customer expects from you.  Here your competitors also provide the same.

With your customer insights, you must provide different values for your competitors & make customers special. When a customer feels special there are one hundred percent chances that your online brand may improve drastically.

Research Your Prospect Database:

If your salesperson mainly focuses on selling it must be critical for them to understand what exactly customers want. Having an ideal customer profile will help you to narrow down your research and it is important for them to get the right data or insights. Sales augmentation is a valuable exercise that creates positive impacts on the conversion rate.

Collaborate With Your Prospects:

Let the flow of information may be two sides. Listen to your prospects & get to know them better. As a B2B marketer, you can work together to find a better solution that works best for you. This helps to improve the conversion & gain valuable insights.

Sell Solution Rather Than Products:

Always help your prospect clearly see what they need & address their pain point clearly.  Make your prospect understand what problem exists & how it can be resolved. Present your solution by explaining your product & service.

Follow up:

This is one of the important stages of any sales funnel. Be it any communication channel, continuous follow-up should enforce at levels of communication.

Craft Your Value Proposition:

Craft Your Value Proposition | DataStaples

When you know about what you’re going to sell & what their priorities are, you will be able to craft a unique & compelling B2B value proposition. B2B marketers should make sure you take appropriate value proposition. Crafting a unique B2B value proposition can help your brand stand out & have a positive online presence.

Share Case studies:

Moving prospects through the sales funnel will help to share high-quality content. Sharing customer success stories can help prospects to picture themselves in the dynamic changing marketing field.

Wondering how a sales funnel look?

Having a great understanding of B2B sales funnels, helps you to plot the customer journey effectively in the entire sales cycle. It comprises five key stages as Awareness, Consideration, preference, purchase & loyalty.

At the initial level, customers will not have any idea what does your business offer. This is a crucial stage for any customer as B2B marketers work hard to attract the attention of potential customers.

Secondly, with the general awareness, it is important for B2B marketers to help the customer with the right product or services. Next is to give preference to your customers individually & offer the best solution to close the deal without any issue.

Last but not least, both the marketing & sales teams must work together to drive value to customers & secure them for future business.


With the advancement in technology & tools, B2B sales have changed drastically. It is no longer a phase for the prospect to come to you.  Instead, one must be proactive & find suitable channels where potential customers can share relevant content & start building strong business relationships. With the right strategy & implementation, high-end prospects can be converted in a hassle-free manner.