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10 Key Terms Need To Be Use For a Successful Account Based Marketing Campaign[Infographics]

With the advent of technology & marketing trends Account-based marketing is picked up by many companies to enhance their strategies which need to be more responsive & efficient. And global pandemic made us realize the importance of identifying the best fit accounts & executing the most creative account-based campaign ever.

10 Terms Used For You Must Master For a Successful ABM Campaign | DataStaples

Account-Based Marketing:

Account-based marketing is a strategic approach based on account awareness & the high values which the organization target for hyper-personalized marketing communication. Account-based marketing is generally practiced at the enterprise level to improve relevance, boost engagement & increase online brand presence.

Account-Based Engagement:

Account-based engagement is the evolution from Account-based Marketing campaigns, which mainly focus on enhancing the customer experience. With effective engagement, an Account-based team tries to build personalized content for different channels.

Account Intelligence:

Generating actionable insights based on the analysis of the collected customer information helps you to understand the customer better. This insight also helps B2B marketers in strategizing high responsive campaigns for improving revenue.

Annual Contract Value:

This annual contract value mainly helps the sales & marketing teams by planning an accurate budget for the ABM campaign. The average yearly revenue generated against per customer is annual contract value.

Buyer Persona:

Buyer has another name such as customer persona, user persona & more. A complete set of fictional user-centric insights created to use your website, brand, or product. The persona includes patterns, goals, skills & attitudes.

Bounce Rate:

The percentage of visitors who enter the site & exit immediately rather than continuing in the website is termed as bounce rate.  Bounce rate is helpful in understanding how user-friendly, attractive the landing page is.

Customer Relationship Management:

Customer Relationship Management is the process of managing & analyzing the different sets of customers (from past, present & future) all at the same time. This is used to study the customer history, improve business relationships & drive higher sales.

Customer Database:

Collections of information about all customers who have purchased from you form a customer database. Having a clean customer database helps B2B marketers to send & receive campaigns effectively to nurture them.

C-Suite Accounts:

As the Name implies C-Suite accounts hold complete information on executives & critical level decision-making managers within the organization. Common C-suite executives include Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Technology officers, Chief information officers, chief Marketing offers & more.

Database Marketing:

The direct method of using a database of existing or potential customers through various marketing tactics for promoting products or services is database marketing. It has two types of databases contact database & company database.