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7 Proven Tips To Generate more B2B Pharma Leads | DataStaples

7 Proven Tips To Generate More B2B Pharma Leads

Tailor your B2B Sales strategy around your industry, product & buyer by generating high-quality leads & improve sales. An Organization must experiment, learn, implement & bring new ways to generate B2B leads by focusing on sales & marketing teams. B2B leads are nothing but potential people or companies. Research by HubSpot shows 40% of the salesperson view prospecting as the most difficult part of their job. And more importantly, it acts as a critical barrier in meeting quota to move forward leads in the different sales funnel.

“Making your prospects feel like they have an exclusive membership in a club makes lead generation a positive customer experience- Eric Bower”

What Is B2B Pharma Leads?

What Is Pharma Leads | DataStaples

Sales qualified business leads are often referred to as B2B sales lead. These leads show immediate interest in buying your products or service for the pharma businesses.  Such type of B2B pharma leads is often sourced by sales reps through various stages of prospecting.

Sourcing B2B leads requires B2B marketers to understand the company’s goal. In other words, it is the best way to research & find an organization or individual those are a good fit for your marketing goals. This process makes prospects much easier as it touches key attributes of B2B leads generation strategies like budgets, stakeholders, gatekeepers & more.

When it comes to the pharma industry, maintaining a stable sales pipeline is a challenging process than the start of the sales process. A B2B Pharma lead comes with high-level objectives which makes it tough for B2B marketers to generate such high-quality leads.

Here in this blog, we’ll be discussing more how lead generation fits into your inbound marketing strategy & the best approach to generate high-quality leads for your business. There are different types of leads based on how they are qualified & what lifecycle they fall into.

Marketing Qualified Leads:

Marketing Qualified Leads | DataStaples

Verified contacts that are involved in all your marketing efforts, but are not ready to receive a sales call are often referred to as Marketing Qualified leads.

Sales Qualified Leads:

Sales Qualified Leads | DataStaples

A contact who has expressed their interest in becoming a paying customer is often referred to as sales-qualified leads. And here contact shows interest high level of interest in becoming your potential customer.

Product Qualified Leads:

Product Qualified Leads | DataStaples

As the name indicates, contacts who have used your products & interested in becoming your client is often referred as product qualified lead. This lead qualifying technique ideally exists in a company that offers a free trial or allows a limited version of your product for use.

Service Qualified Leads:

Service Qualified Leads | DataStaples

Customers or contacts identified through your service team that wants to be your paying customer is referred as service qualified lead.

What is Lead Generation?

What Is Lead Generation | DataStaples

The Effective Process of attracting prospects to your business & improving their interest in the product through nurturing is lead generation. As an end goal to convert collected leads into customers.

“Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her to solve a problem or achieve a goal, not selling a product or service- Brain Tracy”

Though there are plenty of methods to generate pharma leads. Here we’ll be discussing a proven strategy that works well for the pharmaceutical industry.

Publish content regularly within a series:

Maintain a high standard to create & deliver high-quality content on a scheduled basis. This makes content creators research & roll out well-suited methods for generating MQL leads to post content which must be done consistently. Slow & consistency are the keys here, which will motivate your audience to come back again for similar content.  Creating series or such programs is the most important element for generating a series.

Prioritize & aim to produce content that will generate B2B leads will connect key decision-makers for more business opportunities. Don’t ever create high-level content for likes or comments, in order to increase sales, confirm what your buyers or prospects are actually looking for first & then customize what you create.

Discussed below are different types of content that are most effective if it is aligned with your marketing goals.

  • Solid opinion- insights through collected data
  • Original Research- data by industry consumption
  • Trending content- content relevant to your business based on current internet trends
  • Infographics – information for visual bits
  • Videos- short videos describing your products or services
  • Authoritative post -topics that excites & you’re expert in

Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

Use Linkedin Sales Navigator | DataStaples

Linked In is one of the popular social media platforms in recent days. It has many features, but one of the most important is sales navigator which has a set of search capabilities with improved visibility to advanced algorithms to connect with the right decision maker on the pharmaceutical industry. In short, it simplifies the effort of searching, contacting & staying connected with prospect & referrals.LinkedIn one of the most effective network to access B2B Pharma audience & follow up. As a part of highly effective methodologies, LinkedIn can be leveraged for driving higher sales.Sales navigator can be filtered based on keywords, industry, company, geography, company size, relationship, job title & more.

Sales Navigator is a critical tool for finding & generating leads in internet era.  It allows B2B marketers to access InMail, profile details, Teamlink& more.

Benefits of using Sales Navigator:

  • Get period reports on sales monitor insights
  • Connect with huge audience
  • Integrate it with any sales or marketing tool
  • Zero commercial limits
  • Unlimited searches
  • Reliable customer support

Collaborate with influencers:

In B2B pharma sector, influencers are trusted or well-known thought leaders who help to promote your products or services. This is one of the trusted growing trends across the entire marketing strategy.  These days,  many organization or brand use influencers to share their stories. This is similar to word of mouth and sharing positive vibes.A lead generated through this strategy is high quality & increase your trust among clients. Influencers can be segmented based on different social media platforms that are highly used or engaged in your business.

Share content with CTA’s:

As part of digital marketing strategy, one must promote web pages or other content effectively. It works well if CTA’s are available for all posts that shared. Call to Action plays crucial role in generating high quality leads & especially pharma industry is not exceptional. CTA always try to bring your social media followers or any other users back to the website. The main aim of such activity is to take them back to website & convert them into client. Be it any source of medium or content having strong CTA’s converts them into leads.

And number of tools available to make it happen. Yes you read it right with effective tools, leads collected can be analysed & insights can be used to study about them.

Host Webinars:

With the covid panademic hitting us hard, webinars have increased in recent days. Webinars replaced traditional conference & key note taking session. Though this webinar thing is new normal it is widely accepted across all industry verticals. Professionals across hospitals &pharma industry have been doing a tremendous job in fighting against covid-19. With the technology advancement, hosting webinars in such tough times can connect B2B marketers with ideal prospects in a hassle free manner. When it comes to webinar, best approach is hosting it via a third party is much appreciated. This is because the agency or third party organization has ability to promote your webinars to wide range of audience. All webinars undergo a process called registration where you will get access to verified contact information of prospects from your preferred industry.So from a successful B2B lead generation point of view, webinars is one of the smartestchoices.

Incorporate Chat bots On Your Website:

Incorporate Chatbots On Your Website | DataStaples

With recent trends in AI, Chat bot feature is most common & credible method for interacting with website visitors. Chat bots hold a big place in all stages of traditional buyer’s journey. Programming bot equipped with AI, helps to prompt a conversation with website visitor to creating more B2B leads. It also acts as a valuable customer service for any organization. This chat bot also provides 24*7 supports& keep your business running.

Pay Per Click Lead Generation Campaigns:

Pay Per Click Lead Generation Campaign | DataStaples

Pay per click is one of the prominent methods for generating leads. Based on your B2B campaign requirement as a marketing team you decide what needs to promote, how content should be created and other lead infrastructure must be set up. With the advent of many social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram & more, choosing an ideal platform for your business is a smart choice to generate B2B leads. These social media provides opportunities to decide what to target, how much you need to engage with them if they click on your ad. All these platforms provide adequate reporting, which helps to experiment & understand the insights better.


Here we have discussed the best possible approach to generate more B2B pharma leads with a wide range of inbound & outbound methods.  Experimenting & finalizing one which works best for you can improve your quality of leads gradually. Generate more B2B pharm leads with efficient digital strategies by partnering with the DataStaple team.