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6 Fabulous Ways To Revamp Data and Winback Your Customers | DataStaples

6 Fabulous Ways To Revamp: Winback Your Customers

“A Satisfied Customer is the best business strategy of ALL” – Micheal LeBoeuf

Customers are the most valuable assets for any business. Though we try to hold on to every customer forever, ultimate truth is that customers move on.  With the advent of the internet, customers are distracted by many things & no longer need your product or services. No matter how great your products or services are, all customers tend to run into problems this is an avoidable myth of any business.  In order to retrain those customers, just a little extra effort is required. In this blog, we will be discussing how to win back your customers in the most effective ways.

Why It Is Necessary To Win Back Customer?

Why It Is Necessary To Win Back Your Customers | DataStaples

Customer retention is essential & crucial part of every business in any industry. For some customers, your product or services might not be the right fit. And that’s okay!! This doesn’t mean you should ignore those customers completely, but you can take a look at complaints & problems which made your customers move on.

Based on the report from Marketing Metrics, the success rate of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, while 5-20% is the success rate of selling to new customers. Hence, investment in customer acquisition exceeds customer retention.

Let’s see six fabulous ways to win back your customers:

Make it Personal:

There is an old saying “It is not personal, it’s just business”.  But the actual truth is that if you want to build long-lasting relationships with customers, you should make it personal. Modern World of the internet emphasis more on emotional connection & personal feeling which comes as a success factor. Hence, in order to build a long-lasting business relationship, you must build an emotional bond with your customers. This is one of the quick steps towards developing customer loyalty& increasing profitability.

Make It Personal | DataStaples

Start with a simple conversation & give a friendly identity which makes your business stand out against competitors & generate good profit.  Plan & provide a good incentive to get back the lost customers. Send the campaign directly to inactive customers with a personalized message. Send a promotional or text message or email connecting emotional bond as “We miss you”.  Use phrases like Haven’t seen you in a while, Let’s catch up, please come back, we want you & more. If the customers come back make sure their deals are worth it.

Win Back Customers Through Social Media:

Win Back Customers Through Social Media | DataStaples

Social media is emerging as a powerful strategy to build trust & establish a powerful connection with audiences across the globe. So using them wisely to address the common complaints through social media campaigns must be a smart choice. Plan & create a campaign to address the customer feedback in a positive way.  Social media is full of experiments & marketing tactics that work best for you. Contests are a great way to give back to your customers & communicate in a smart way outside your business.  You will get a good level of engagement if you try to win something substantial & value them. It allows develops best communication channel to reward your customer & provide special offers along with good promotion.

Have A Community Forum:

Have A Community Forum | DataStaples

Modern ways to communicate with customers are community forums through forming a community around your products & service. Your community page can be an help page that summarizes users & provides great advice & stories about products. Though social media offers you a unique platform to engage with your customers directly, creating forum discussion paves ways to connect with an audience not interested in social media. This is a golden opportunity to create engagement with the audience & update them regarding product queries or clarification & more. The overall goal is to make your brand visible & stay ahead of your competitors.

Say Yes to Personalization:

Say Yes To Personalization | DataStaples

Each & every customer wants his or her voice to be heard. And here comes the email marketing to the main picture. Using a personalized technique to know & understand users alerts them you’re listening. Based on the shopping transaction & past experience you can get tailor-made offerings to win over your customer’s hearts. Assisting them via different communication channels such as chat, phone, and email can ensure you connect with the right prospect through proper communication. Personalization works based on various history, preferences, & deliver high ROI. As a marketer personalization allows you to determine what type of content is loved by different groups of people.

Promote Customer Initiatives:

Each & every customer love to be rewarded or offered exclusive deals on the product or services they are interested in. Be the voice & promote your stories to connect with customers highly relatable to your demographics. Network with a special set of loyal customers for all types of special events & collaborates for a business relationship. Never miss an opportunity to reward your customer for their participation & special offers. Survey your customers using the trade-off analysis technique by which you can adjust & analyze your offer. It is a smart idea to create a list of special prospects & past customers by delivering them the necessary information required.

Ask Permission & Make Sure You Have Opt In Verified Contacts:

Have a great plan with a newly compiled marketing list with special prospects & follow-up customers. This list must provide the complete contact information which can be used to send business communication over a regular interval of time. This systematic approach defines what your customers are really interested in & how they want to keep their sales growing. Keep doing analysis of the sales done so far with new brand identity in social media & nurture your customer experience. And most importantly, if a customer comes back to you, find out from where exactly you left. No matter what the question or information details, customers request, treat them genuinely to brainstorm & get details of what made them leave. Collecting & documenting information that made customers leave is one of the smart ways to arrest loopholes in the existing processes & win back.


Wrapping up:

Collaborate with Datastaples in discovering best marketing practices & learn how to get the best out from the B2B campaign. Being pioneers in email database service we create a campaign that addresses customer feedback in a positive way. Having wonders marketing tactics & interested in learning more about it? Contact us right now.