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CTO Contact Data: How To Get Your Hands On It?

Being a marketer or a sales rep in the 21st century is like you want to access full about the leads to make an educated decision. Based on the decision you can decide what works best & whatnot. Once you get to know about the contacts & their interest, your interactions can be more relevant which results in the closing of any business deals.

Building a start-up or promoting a product, you need a team of experts, developers, outsourcing agencies, CTO & more. Finding a team or getting help from expertise is easy while getting in touch with CTO with the right tech expertise is tough.  Key decision matters here, the wrong CTO won’t survive long. So wondering finding or getting complete details of CTO is not that easy? Actually true. It requires a lot of time & commitment.

Okay here comes the big question what is the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO)?

In simple terms, the executive who is responsible for managing & driving the value of technology within an organization or group of organizations is often referred to as Chief Technology Officer. This role may differ from company to company, but it includes the below-listed thoughts.

  • Technology Vision & Strategy
  • Architecture
  • Innovation
  • Software Development
  • Infrastructure

Role Of CTO in an Organization

Tole of CTO In An Organization | DataStaple

CTO’s are one of the most important decision-makers of their companies & that would be a great piece of information for sales & marketing team.  However, due to their position, CTO’s are often private & refine their contact information from connecting with numerous contacts for the unwanted issues. This is the main reason CTO’s are most difficult to reach, but connecting them always can yield a good result.

Types of Chief Technology Officers:

This seems to be different, wondering what different types will be of CTO’s will do? No worries you will get an answer to your question. Based on the research by Gartner in 2019, several CTO personas have been analyzed & based on their CTO profiles & Job descriptions.

CTO as business leader:

This persona is focused on leveraging innovative technologies which mainly focuses on transforming the operating business models, products & services. This role involves deep understating of technology & technology trends to get complete insights.

CTO as business Enabler:

This type of role is well suited for organizations where technology plays a crucial role & it needs to be highly responsive to the business.

As the name suggests this role acts as a change agent for IT. It has a team of enterprise architects, innovative managers, expert technology specialists & shared IT services.

CTO as IT Innovator:

Here are few ways to get hands-on CTO contact data:

Offline Networking:

Offline Networking | DataStaples

Traditional networking is one of the most brilliant & effective ways to connect with CTO. In the internet era, the small meeting is considered as favorite forms of communication. So in traditional networking, you try to meet the CTO in a small gathering, it can be either formal or informal based on the setup.

So as a marketer, you need to check within your network to connect which contact can give you an opportunity to meet the CTO against different industry verticals. Before checking on offline networking there are few things to be researched & planned well. Have complete research on targeting the right person before you approach. And make sure your conversation is short & crisp as most of the C-level executives have a tight schedule.

As we’re trying hard to survive in the covid-19 pandemic & practicing social distancing offline marketing can really do wonders in connecting with CTO’s.

Key takeaway:

  • Pick up meetups based on niche & energy
  • As you’re connecting tech founder, B2B marketers must be careful in understanding the buzzword & tech jargon.

Connecting with office of the CTO:

Connecting with key members of the office of the CTO can be a hot lead. They are one who takes us close to the CTO.  This is because they know the complete schedule & lined up activities of the Chief Technology Officer & other board members.

Get Complete Data

Get Complete Data | DataStaple

The recent boom in social networking websites paved the path to connect with anyone via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & more. Based on the conversation or types of platforms B2B marketers are comfortable establishing a trusted & genuine business relationship.  Join CTO groups & start-up forums having discussions on various topics. LinkedIn is one such great option to connect with people across the globe at all levels. On the other hand, if the requestor’s concern is genuine, people tend to respond back effectively.  Make sure not to do anything for fun, keep it professional.  And get complete details of contact such as company, workspace, current events, their preferred mode of communication & more before you want to connect with them directly. Make your pitch short-sweet & get maximum attention for your inquiry.

Other than social media profiles there are dedicated online platforms connecting technology professionals & other tech executives. They are CoFoundersLab, Angellist, Co-founders subreddit, discord.

Key takeaway:

  • This approach is highly recommended if you can’t find the right offline world.
  • As this takes a long time to research & build reliable contacts, limiting the time to 15 days is reasonable.

Get Third Party Mailer List:

Outsource all your detail requirements for CTO details to any third-party agencies. They have numerous options & various platforms for connecting the contact details of all C-level executives. When you go for the mailer list, it may have thousands & thousands of details. So it is the responsibility of the sales or marketing team to identify crystal clear contacts based on business needs & campaign requirements. Third-party email lists can be customized based on several attributes such as CTO’s first name, CTO’s physical address, CTOs email address, SIC code, NAICS code, web address, revenue & more.

Get Third Party Mailer List | DataStaples

Steps to be followed:

  • Despite all things, connecting with CTO contact needs specific steps:
  • Tap into their network & get a warm introduction
  • Get connected with passionate prospects who are interested in your products & services.
  • Make sure you connect with the right expertise

Get Third Party Mailer List:

Wrapping UP:

We, at Datastaple, make sure each record is reliable & of supreme quality. Be it any type of B2B campaign email, direct mail, telemarketing, and another online campaign, grow your business with the right contact by partnering with Datastaple. So give better brand visibility & increase your ROI exponentially.