Find Your Ideal Customers

Find key contact data and comprehensive business information specific to your target industry. Starting with the deep trenches of the technology, our data reach propagates on a global scale to multitudes of industries such as health care, education, finance and many more.

Engage With Buyers

Access the most accurate industry-specific data and insights that are needed to identify and engage with buyers at your target accounts.


Total Records Available

Roll out campaigns with accuracy

Datastaples helps you create personalized campaigns that details your vision. We build 40+ contact data segments and helps you find the one that best suits to your marketing requirements. Ranging from name, job title, NPI code to demographic and firmographic details, we tune and optimize each and every attribute for good results.

Target The Right Prospects

Find more prospects that fit your ideal customer profile and build a high-quality, high-value sales pipeline that maximizes ROI for your marketing campaigns.

Manage Data Quality

Clean your accounts, contacts, and databases in real-time or on a schedule so that your sales and marketing teams always have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.

Fuel Marketing Initiatives With Custom Data

Whether you are interested in layering intent data to grow your business or have customized data build outs, our team of senior data experts can help you with your critical data initiatives.

Accelerate Deals With Sales Intelligence

Gain real-time data and intelligence from 40,000+ authentic sources. Arm your sales teams with relevant insights and connections for increased engagement with ideal prospects and key decision makers.

Market Segmentation

Evaluate sales performance with accurate market segments and ensure that you’re covering your total addressable market so you’re not missing any revenue opportunities.

Transform Your Data

Transform in actionable data into actionable data that can drive your business. We offer data enrichment services to address your most complex data challenges.

Enhanced Marketing Solutions Whether you’re looking to discover new prospects, to commercialize new products, or to improve the economics of existing bio-medical products and healthcare products, Datastaples can engineer the data-driven solution to accelerate all aspects of your marketing efforts.

Establish Customer Trust

Build a connected customer journey based on empathy and trust with DataStaples. We help you to access the data that is compliance with the GDPR and CAN-SPAM laws.

Optimize your target marketing

At DataStaples, we turn troves of data found in various licensed sources and b2b directories into cutting-edge insights that help marketers to optimize their entire targeted marketing.

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